Everything (not) in its right place: Scoring Radiohead tickets an impossible task

Honestly, I had forgotten that tickets were going on sale on Friday morning. I had jumped on Twitter and saw that Radiohead was trending, but wasn’t sure why. I soon found out that the UK on-sale was a few hours ahead of the West Coast, those shows had already sold out, and fans were complaining about outrageous ticket prices on third-party sites. So I figured I’d give it my best shot to try and score a pair of tickets at face value ($75 plus fees) to one of the two shows the band is playing at The Shrine in Los Angeles in August. 

This stupid screen gave me hope for some reason

This stupid screen gave me hope for some reason

The on-sale was via the AXS site, and I was able to get into a “waiting room” for each of the respective gigs. The text in the “waiting room” told me that ‘my turn was coming soon’ which did give me some hope. Unfortunately, section by section became sold out, and ‘my turn’ hadn’t come yet. I saw a few tweets from some lucky fans who did manage to lock in tickets at face value through the same site I was still waiting on. Alas, my turn never came and I was rudely kicked out of each waiting room with a prompt that read something along the lines of “Tickets for this event are unavailable”. I’m not sure if that’s verbatim and I really didn’t care at that point. All I knew is that I didn’t get the tickets.

Cool. Awesome. Terrific. Grand.

I had just spent over an hour watching this little “waiting room” loading graphic keep refreshing itself and never even had a shot at the worst seats in the house. Since The Shrine only holds approximately 6,500 people, I knew it was a long shot but the “waiting room” screen promising that my turn would come soon led me on and made me think I really was going to get those coveted tickets.

Now, the least expensive tickets to either of the two shows at The Shrine are running about $600 a pop. I’m not going to pay that obviously, but it’s more reasonable than the $1,500 I saw on some other sites the morning they went on sale. I’ll probably have to settle for seeing the band in an arena or outdoor amphitheater at some point, but the folks who did manage to score tickets to The Shrine shows will likely have a great experience in such a small room. Enjoy the show, kids.